My family has difficulty accepting my girlfriends

I would always ask questions like, "Why is everyone against being gay?" and this and that. Nobody wanted to speak up about it, so it was weird because I found out that at first I was bi because girls were so attractive to me, but men at some point weren't even a option.
When I was in 7th grade, I was sitting in the kitchen and my aunt was looking at my phone. She looked at me asking, "Who is this girl?" and it was my first girlfriend ever. 
We talked about it and she told me, "It isn't a good lifestyle for you," this that and the third thing, so I kept quiet. Eventually, I had a best friend that I would refer to as my wife, and then my grandma was like, "Are you lesbian?" and I still kept quiet because I had already had a lot of girlfriends and just never told anyone.
When I came out to my aunt, she questioned me and said it was just a phase when it wasn't. Then she told my grandpa and they were all, I guess, really disappointed. As it turns out, my brother is gay too and that's why he never said anything either!
-Sonya, @trillsonya


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