I was outed by a high school administrator, but now I'm thankful

My coming out story is very...interesting, ha. I realized I was gay in 3rd grade when a bunch of friends and I were at a birthday party and we were playing spin the bottle. Needless to say, guys and girls were all kissing everyone!

But I didn't come out publicly until sophomore year of high school when our assistant disciplinary principal (he was very proud of that title) actually outed me to the entire high school after I had confided in him. That's when I figured, "Hey, you want me to be open about this? I'm gonna be the GAYEST student y'all have ever seen."

So I got a cute purse, a cute clutch (made sure they were the cutest style to make all the girls jealous) and learned how to walk in heels in a week. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy with me and my...promiscuous personality, lol.

Nowadays, I'm definitely NOT as flamboyant and heyyyyyy kind of gay BUT I'm still proud of who I am. If the high school administrator hadn't outed me, I don't think I ever would have come out in the first place, so I guess thanks to him for that, haha!


-Ethan Cates


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