I discovered who I am at my first drag show

The first time I dated a boy, I knew I didn't like the feeling. I was confused all throughout high school, until I went to a drag show for the very first time when I turned 21. I found I didn't want to leave the club!

As I continued going to pride days and events, I eventually learned who I was becoming as a person, and in my heart, I knew I liked women more than guys. I just didn't know how to say it yet.

I finally told my friends I liked girls and they all accepted me for who I was. Then last year came around and I finally came out of the closet as a lesbian to my parents and they accepted me, too. As I texted my mom about it during work, I cried and hugged my coworker because I felt so relieved!

Now I have a beautiful girlfriend of 9 months, and a bond with the LGBTQ community that couldn't be stronger.




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