An argument over swearing led to me coming out

A few years ago, I was sitting with my mom on the family couch. We were watching a show and messing around when I showed her a photo on my phone.

She took it to look at better, but a message from one of my friends popped up, which she read. My friend was swearing and my mom got upset. I was fourteen at this point, and the rule was "no swearing unless you have moved out," so for this reason she decided to go through my phone.

I reached out to her to turn off my phone so she couldn't unlock it because I was scared she would find out I had a girlfriend. I wasn't ready to tell anyone at all; I was so scared that everyone would hate me.

She ended up asking my Dad to help her and I began to cry, trying to make up lies. Saying, "Oh, I was just swearing and stuff," but her thought was that I was trying to hide nude photos.

After about an hour, I ended up telling them about my girlfriend and she just laughed and hugged me tight and cried onto me that she was sorry. She said she never meant to make it feel like I couldn't be safe in my house and that if it came off that way, she was sorry.

I'm almost seventeen now and my mom still isn't sure if I know what I want, but I know I am who I am and she's starting to understand that herself. My dad is happy, he just won't get any grandkids in the future. My sister still loves me the same and she's supportive and goes with me to pride parades.




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