A break-up brought me in touch with how I truly identify

Living in North Dakota was rough, yet moving to a smaller town made life harder than it should have been. Back in Bismarck, I had already come out to a few friends of mine, and I was dating a gorgeous girl. Being in Foster Care made things hasty with my Foster Parents. I couldn't come out to them; I simply did not trust them. Then, my mom found a place in Powers Lake, so my brother and I came here to live with her.

After two years of blatantly obvious hints, I came out to her, and she seemed amazed but also rather disgusted. She kept reciting biblical scripture to me, trying to prove that my girlfriend and I were bad luck and shouldn't be together.

Well, as it turns out, my girlfriend herself was bad luck. A close friend of mine messaged me pictures of her kissing a guy and sitting on his lap in sexual ways. She had apparently used me to get to him, so I broke up with her.

During the break-up, I noticed something about myself. I wasn't only Bisexual, but also rather Gender-fluid. Later on, after finding that out, I felt a bit more Transsexual. By this time, my mom had accepted me for being Bisexual, and when I came out as Trans, she didn't mind that either.

After all this, I found an amazing lady through Facebook's Warrior Cat Role Play pages. We grew close, often FaceTime-ing each other, which was lovely, and eventually we tied strings. I'm still with her to this day after 5 years of loyalty and trust.




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